Saturday, August 26, 2017  -  10:00 am

2427  4th Avenue, Greeley



2010 Toyota Tundra Service Truck, 4x4, 85,000 miles, body damage



Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Evacuation Pump

MC2 Tanks

Acetylene/Oxygen Torch

Wards Welder

CO2 Tank & regulators

Nitrogen Bottles & Regulator

Electronic Refrigeration Leak Detectors

Electric Scales

Drums of Refrigerant

Shop Scale

Pickup Toolboxes

Pickup Ladder Racks

3 Extension Ladder

Step Ladder  

Drill Press

Electric Drills

Drill Bits

Hole Saws

Hammer Drill


Electric Meter

Temp Meter

Hi Jack, 500 lb cap

Ice Dispenser

Appliance Dolly

Shop Dolly

Wood Rollers

Metal Rollers  

Craftsman Tool Cabinet

Metal Tables

Metal Shelves

Cutting Copper Band Spring

High Side Driver

Low Side Driver

Defrost Timers, 120 & 240

ACR Copper Pipes

Soft Copper

Copper Fittings

PVC Tubing

PVC Fittings

Plastic Tubing

Brass Fittings

Air Filters

I/M Water Pumps

Electrical Terminals


Wire Cords

Extension Cords

and much more!


NOTE:  Dennis is retiring and closing his business after more than 30 years.  It offers you an opportunity to add to your shop or business supplies.  Preview the morning of the auction only beginning at 9 am.  Questions may be directed to Dennis at 970-391-0403.  Lunch will be available.  Plan to attend!


TERMS:  Payment required auction date with cash or good check.  NO PLASTIC!  Announcements auction date take precedence over written materials.

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